The Last bastion

This project was developed to explore the usage of music in an audiovisual medium. During the elaboration of such the concepts and skills learned throught the process were of significant value to create a general understanding of how this type of music should be composed and how it should respond to the medium it's serving.

The Music can tell a story

One of the many particularities at the moment of approaching this project was the idea of, not only reflecting the emotions, environments and relations between the film and the spectators, but how to tell a parallel story from what the film is telling us. This ideas grew and became part of the final project, for as we can hear and appreciate, the music not only was composed to help us understand the film, but the video was made in a way that it can be listened too, without watching it, or previously knowing the visuals, and still understand the kind of story that is being told to us. At the same time the project, as a whole, works perfectly and the music does an excellent job of enriching the visual experience we are expected to encounter.

A Better Understanding

The Last Bastion.jpg

Some of the many concepts that were acquire during the creative process of this project were:

-How deep and elaborated this type of music is.

-How it helps reflect the best way possible everything the visuals are telling us.

-How it conditions us to the point of telling us, not only where to cry or feel true happiness, but how to understand and interact with that visual environment that is presented to us.

Different writing concepts

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As in any type of music, soundtracks can and should be accompanied by its music score. This type of score is not so different from any other type of music scores, but it does have some particularities. A better understanding of this particularities have and should  be taken into account when writing a good and useful music score for a soundtrack. All this skills can be found in the score of this project, just below, and in all our other works.