Production and creation of original and high quality musical material (compositions and arrangements) in any format and musical genre to accompany any kind of work within the interactive media such as video games, digital applications and interactive software, or multimedia like Web Pages, Films, TV, Web Series, etc.


For 2027 we hope to be one of the leading brands in the domestic and international market within the production and creation of high quality original musical material for interactive media and multimedia, generating a constant workflow with independent companies and large companies within the industry.

General Company Politics:

  • Only high-quality works that meets the client's expectations will be performed and delivered.
  • Any contract sign into with a customer will be fulfilled in its entirety.
  • Full confidentiality will be maintained about the information that is transmitted to the company by the client for the development of a project.
  • No mixing of different points of view regarding religion, politics or any other type of postures that have nothing to do with music; Unless the work requires it.
  • We work using FINALE, LOGIC PRO X, SONAR and WWISE. If any work is to be done using another software other than the ones mention before, the customer must let us know with time to get familiarize with that new software.
  • All work to be done will be started after the payment of the first 50% of the total price stipulated for it and the final work will be delivered after the payment of the remaining 50% of the total price.