gaming (jazz) music

This project was created with the purpose of exploring the unique world of video game music and how it function when being teared apart from its original media and then put to the service of conventional music. Using Jazz as a language we created three unique musical pieces, each inspired in a different Jazz style such as: Swing, Ballad Swing and Latin Jazz; each with its own Big Band instrumentation. This was also a way of approaching the theory, usage, composition, treatment, history and final purpose (finality) of music in video games and interactive media. The themes we decided to use are part of the Official Sound Track (OST) of the games: Undertale and Sonic The Hedgehog


Snowdin Town

This arrangement explores the use of Ballad Swing elements such as tempo, voincing distribution, and non-conventional Big Band instrumentation and then applies them to Snowdin Town, a very memorable song from the video game Undertale. The arrangement seeks to recreate some of the musical characteristics present in the reference tune that was used for this project: Blues For Pablo - Miles Davis and Gil Evans.

Green Hill zone

This arrangement explores the world of  Latin Jazz and tries to impregnate some of it to a very popular song from the video game Sonic The Hedgehog, Green Hill Zone. We took different elements of Latin Jazz from: Tiger Of San Pedro - John LaBarbera. This composition has a unique feel in its rhythmic and harmonic construction by adding Jazz elements such as 7th cords, standard Latin Jazz Backgrounds, and rhythmic patterns, as well as a semi-traditional Big Band instrumentation while maintaining what makes this song great... Its melody.


This fabulous arrangement of one of the most renown Undertale Theme was done by applying different elements found in the Jazz standard: Hay Burner - Sammy Nestico. By analyzing this musical piece and understanding its characteristics, we were able to apply some of those concepts and techniques found in Swing to this project and create this marvelous piece. During the development of this arrangement some other elements from Rock, Shuffle, and Pop were taken into account. The song acquired its own personality, style, and sound that blended perfectly with those other musical genres. In simple words, an awesome Megalovania arrangement.