Fusion is a project that looks forward to the arrangement of popular musical pieces. The idea was to arrange different songs and create a final piece that reflected all the characteristics of another musical artist (different from us or the original composer(s)/musician(s)) in a way similar to that of a ghost producer/composer, emulating the idea of arranging a composition to make it sound as if this other artist(s) was/were the original composer(s) of the piece. These arrangements were a very good way to learn to identify the different characteristics that can be found in the various musical styles and songs that we were arranging, as well as of the artists we were going to use as references to adapt the songs. Some of this works were done by recording the whole thing in different takes, and some were created using only MIDI and a vocalist/singer.

Lean On

Lean on

An arrangement of the song Lean On by Mayor Lacer into the style of the Yellow Submarine, one of the most iconic albums of The Beatles and of the decade of the 60's. The main idea was to arrange this musical piece in a way it resembles the music of the album Yellow Submarine, and for that, the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was selected as an additional reference from the album.

Guitar: Juan Camilo Urrea

Voice: Nathalia Moreno

Bass/Drumset: Andrés Felipe Merchán



Innocent was the first work that we arrange. This song is originally by Taylor Swift. The work consisted of making this piece sound as if Erykah Badu had composed this song for her album Baduizm. The music was done all using MIDI except for the vocals, who were in charge of:

Tania Catalina Reyes Vieda (Professional Musician - Universidad El Bosque)

Come as you are

Come as you are

Vocal arrangement of Nirvana´s Come As You Are. This piece was composed for a college project and explores the idea of using only the voice to recreate a popular song. Pentatonix could be called the main reference we took into account for this work, but it was not the only one we used.

Soprano and Mezzo Soprano: Nathalia Moreno

Alto: Catalina Martinez

Tenor/Drums: Andres Merchan

Bass: Camilo Barrera