A Sad Goodbye, A New Collaboration, A New Job, and New Streaming Channel

As many of you probably know, since June I've been working with KeenGamer and Pixel Bay as a video game journalist writing guides and video game review. Sadly this has come to an end. I want to let everyone know that from September on I'm no longer going to be writing or developing any work as a journalist with this two companies (or in general) so before I continue I will like to publicly thank KeenGamer and Pixel Bay for the opportunity they gave me to work with them. This decision of leaving these great places was not easy to make, but new projects await in the future so there was really no other choice. Once again, thank you.

Moving on, I will like to let everyone know that since the 10th of August we I (as an individual) have started to work in 1 new project.

This new project is not much of a project, but still, I'm are very happy to announce that (just as said before) since the 10th August I have been given the opportunity to work as a Sound Artist and Music Composer at DUST MASK, a new Indie Video Game Studio.  There I will be working with a team of great video game developers from different areas and parts of the world to create and publish video games. This is the main reason why I had to say goodbye to my previous work as a writer/journalist because this new job is probably going to take a lot of time from me and therefore I won't be able to fully dedicate to my writing. I'm very excited about this new adventure as part of the DUST MASK team and as soon as I have more information to share with you I'll let you know. To learn more about Dustmask check out the studio's webpage at www.dustmask.de.

Thank everyone for reading and I/we hope everyone has a nice day.

Andrés Felipe Merchán Loza - Mechanical Media Music.